9/3/12 Letter to David Delisle, Chief, Safety and Security Office, Clarkson University Concerning the Posting of Cancer Prevention Documents on Clarkson Campus


David Delisle, Chief

Safety and Security Office

Clarkson University

Potsdam, New York USA

Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Mr. Delisle,

I have encountered a considerable amount of negativity in respone to my work as an environmental protection activist in the North Country region of New York State.  This is largely due to the particular focus of this work, which is the pollutants of major significance in cancer causation in the region.  The industial entities that have contaminated the St. Lawrence River Valley with PCBs, mercury and other pollutant toxicants are strongly opposed to public education on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization.  This is due to several issues, including:  potential litigation, clean-up costs and shame.  Additionally, the beef and dairy producers of the region have to some limited degree sought to repress the dissemination of scientific knowledge on the subjects of POPs exposure, health effects and exposure minimization.  Exposure minimization is largely a matter of minimizing consumption of animal fats.  Some of the beef and dairy producers are more concerned about maintaining their sales of animal fat containing foods than public health protection.

Clarkson University is a respected part of the North Country.  I am happy to have the use of Clarkson library computers and printers for producing public educational documents.  However, I am not happy with being treated unfairly when it comes to the posting of documents on the campus.  I have encountered significant unfairness in my endeavors to post disease prevention documents on the Clarkson University campus.  This unfairness is best summarized as follows.  I place documents in places where others place documents.  My documents are taken down.  I eventually speak with Safety and Security personnel and am advised that I need permission to post documents on the campus.  I make a diligent effort to communicate with Kelly Chezum, the person that has the authority to grant this permission.  Ms. Chezum refuses to communicate.

I have decided to crack this wall of resistance to good change.  Certain other matters of significance to my place in the North Country community have reached a point where I find it necessary to file a federal civil rights suit.  I am going to name Clarkson University in that suit if I encounter any more unfairness in the posting of Cancer Action NY documents on the campus.

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig

Director, Cancer Action NY


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