8/29/12 News Release: Watertown Police Arrest Green Champion of Environmental Protection, Freedom and Human Rights Just for Dancing and Singing Loudly on American Street

Green Champion of Environmental Protection, Freedom and Human Rights
Arrested for Dancing and Singing Loudly on American Street

Viva the Kick Ass Revolution!!  I traveled many miles to visit
Watertown yesterday so that I could conduct a campaign news conference
there.  Despite the fact that this was my first campaign visit to
Watertown and the fact that none of the Watertown news media had yet
published or broadcast an interview on the subject of my campaign
platform, no member of the Watertown news media, including: the
Watertown Daily Times (WDT), TV 7 and TV 50 chose to attend the news
conference.  This is because there is no honor among the members of
the news media in the City of Watertown.  The news media in Watertown
is all about and only about money.  The Watertown news media has a lot
of soul searching to do.

I conducted my news conference in the outdoor area between the Flower
Memorial Library and City Hall.  This was a wonderful place to do a
news conference because it is located right across the street from the
HQ of the Johnson Newspapers Corporation (JNC).  The  JNC is the
newspaper monopoly of the North Country.  It is the perfect newspaper
corporation for a backward, negative, military, industrial city like
Watertown, New York.  The WDT is the flagship of the JNC.  Robert
Gorman, the managing editor of the WDT is a overbearing dirt ball that
has well deserved every word of Truth that I ever spoken to him.  I
have on more than a few occasions told him to frack himself upside
down in a coconut tree.  This human/gorilla/warthog hybrid is nothing
more than totally mean and crazy.  Mr. Robert Gorman had the ugly
audacity to say to me that I was scamming people about chemical
exposure and cancer many long years ago when I first started my career
as an environmental activist.  I have apologized to him on more than a
few occasions for having used vulgar language in response to his
abusive attack.  He does not have the character that it takes to offer
an apology.  He does not have the character that it takes to accept an
apology.  Mr. Gorman is a hybrid as I described above.  He is not done
fracking himself.

I went right ahead and conducted my Love the Earth Protect the Earth
Change Everything news conference on the subject of the blood of
Watertown residents that is on the hands of the New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and the New York State
Department of Health (DOH); I did the news conference regardless of
the failure of the news media to do its part.  I conducted this
wonderful news conference at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 in
the location described above.  My camera man, Jeff Ostrom, a fellow
Green Party member and Occupier filmed the news conference.  The Green
Party is handling the candidacy and the news media.  We can do it all.
I will place the news conference video on YouTube later today.

Our news conference laid out a plan for protecting the people who live
in the vicinity of the New York Air Brake Superfund site.  I spoke of
the investigation that Cancer Action NY has mounted to document and
bring out the Truth about the governmental failures that caused people
to become sick and die around the heavily contaminated New York Air
Brake site.

I used this news conference to make clear the fact that the
corporate/government team was very corrupt and that because of this
corruption there was a tremendous need to bring an end to the power of
that team.  I took the strong, highly reasonable position that this
election season is a time for building the Green Party and calling for
Revolution.  One without the other is not nearly as good as both
together.  The Green Party grows.  The good people come out in the
streets and shut down the bad corporations and the bad government.
The people hold fair, publicly financed elections and the good Green
Party people win important government offices.  This is how we can
accomplish a beautiful, non-violent power change.  This is exactly
what we need to do.  If the American people are good enough and strong
enough and wise enough to do this, I can lead them.  If the American
people are not good enough, strong enough and wise enough to want a
revolution then America and the rest of the world will rapidly decline
and become a place that is only habitable by cockroaches and other
less than humanly fragile forms of life.

I am the Revolution!  Wanna be Baron Doheny, and Prince Owens, did you
hear what I said?  I am the Revolution!  You two just don’t get it.
You are both truly pathetic.  Mr. Doheny is a mindless businessman
that should be ashamed of himself for being all about business when
that is exactly what has caused all of the fracked-up things that are
wrong with America.  Being all about business is what caused DEC and
DOH and New York Air Brake to have the blood of the people of
Watertown on their hands.  Mr. Doheny is wrong.  Congressman Owens is
wrong too.  He is also all about business; he is just a little more
diplomatic about being that way.  However, this slight difference
doesn’t matter.  Doheny is wrong.  Owens is wrong.  Whether Doheny or
Owens wins this election is immaterial,  whichever one wins will
continue to lead our country down into the pit of greed and
destruction of our Mother the Earth.  Republicans and Democrats are
interchangeable.  The corporations dominate both parties to the same
extent.  The bad corporations control every move that the members of
these bad parties take.  So long as the Republicans and Democrats
remain in power the corporations will run the show.

Enjoying Freedom of Dance and Speech on Washington Street in Watertown

After my beautiful news conference, I visited the Flower Memorial
Library and proceeded to create a website titled New York Air Brake
Health.  This site is now up and running.  It can be accessed at the
URL found below.  The purpose of the website is to provide the people
living in the vicinity of the New York Air Brake Superfund site with
science based information on the subject of pollutant exposure
minimization.  Pollutant exposure minimization is the new paradigm in
public health protection.  Minimizing exposure to pollutants minimizes
disease risk.


Once I was done with the website, I went back outside thinking about
where I could go to do some campaigning.  In my mind, the library and
city hall juxtaposition constitutes a great campaigning venue.  I got
my CD player out of the van and made preparations for a dance
performance on Washington Street.  This was about 7:30 PM.  Traffic
was moderately heavy and the traffic noise was a significant obstacle
to communication.  I spoke loudly.  I sang loudly.  A few times, I
shouted loudly.  It worked.  A small crowd grew around me on the
sidewalk.  One trouble maker showed up and tried to get me angry.  He
did not succeed.  However, I was a little pissed by his negative
comments about my stature as a congressional candidate.  I admit to
having told him to frack himself quite a few times.   Nevertheless,  I
continued to give a high-powered, exciting dance performance.  I spoke
much Truth.  I felt much Freedom.  It was so good.

The trouble maker, who refused to identify himself, taunted me with
threats of calling the police.  I told him that I would love it if the
police showed up because they would force him to move on.  To
demonstrate my hopes in this scenario, I yelled, “Help, Police.”
several times.  Then I continued with my dance performance.  The City
of Watertown Police actually responded.  The officer in charge asked
me some questions and I explained that I was speaking loudly because I
wanted to attract a crowd so that I could speak with interested people
about my campaign. Then he asked me if I was on any medications.  The
fact that he asked me this after I had just given him entirely
reasonable answers to his reasonable questions was a warning flag.

This officer decided to treat me as badly as he thought he could get
away with.  He handcuffed me very tightly and transported me to the
police headquarters.  He processed me with fingerprinting and mug
shots. I realized that this was preliminary to putting me in jail over
night.  I am well aware of the discretion that police officers have
and use in exercising their authority.  This officer was choosing the
most unpleasant means of dealing with my “offenses”.  I was charged
with disorderly conduct/public menacing and theft of services.  How
ridiculous can things get, charged with theft of services because I
had plugged my CD player into city power.  I must have stolen five
cents worth of electricity.  Police bail was set at 500.00.  I tried
to reason with the officer explaining that my dog was chained up in
the Adirondack mountains and that it would be hard on the dog being
left out all night due to the fact that she was accustomed to sleeping
beside me on my bed.  I begged him to show some consideration of the
dog and give me an appearance ticket so that I could go back up to
Colton right away.  He showed no compassion at all.

I was brought over to the jail.  My shoes, belt and possessions were
taken away from me.  I stood before the jailers and begged some more
for someone to show some consideration of my dog.  The officer who was
making decisions about my incarceration relented a little and dropped
the theft of services charge.  He reduced the bail to 100.00 dollars.
I had nearly 100.00 in my wallet.  He counted it out and I was a
little short.  He would not go any lower on the bail.

I called an acquaintance up in St. Lawrence County and then she got in
touch with fellow Green Party member Lew Shepard.  Lew is a founding
member of Cancer Action NY.  I met him in January 2000, when I started
this grassroots environmental organization.  I chose to call Michele
Reed who I have known for several years because I thought Lew would be
asleep at the late hour of 10:30 PM.  He is 85 years old and he goes
to bed at 9:00 PM.  Michele is a good ally.  We first met when she
contacted me to express her willingness to speak out about chemical
carcinogens and the many, many people with cancer that she knows about
in the Town of Morristown.  Michele helped me out.  She got ahold of
Lew and he came all the way from Canton to Watertown to help me.
There are lots of good people in St. Lawrence County who are working
together with Cancer Action NY to bring an end to the days of
careless, criminal chemical use.

It felt so good to be free.  Free at last.  Free to drive up to Colton
and get my dog in out of the chilly Adirondack night.  She’s half
Doberman and half Catahoula.  Her hair is very short.  She was cold
out there.

The police stole five hours of my life.  They have a lot of power.
That’s the way it goes.  I let it go.

The Green Party and The Revolution can turn this nightmare of greed,
bad corporate people running the world and police doing their biding
around, but we’d better get started.  The humans’ time on Earth is
rapidly running out.  If we really got started right now, we might
have an even chance of turning things around.  If we wait much longer
it will be too late.

The kids will hate us if we fail to revolt against the corporate
overlords now.  This is it.  Viva the Revolution.  I will be back in
Watertown on Saturday, September 15th at 9:00 AM for the start of
Occupy Watertown.

Occupy Watertown!!  The DEC is going down.  The DOH is going down.
The corporate overlords are going down.  We will force them to stop
abusing our Mother the Earth.  The fracking corporate overlords are
going down!  Amen! This is 2012.  This is the end of the world as we
know it.  Viva the total, global, spiritual environmental revolution!

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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