JOIN Picket Project to Participate in On-Line Collaboration Finding Solutions to Our Nations Problems

The Picket Project is an experiment in the use of the internet to conduct a large scale discussion of complex societal matters.  It is possible that participating in the Picket Project will lead us closer to the day when the people of America take full control of our government.  I highly recommend that anyone interested in voicing their thoughts on changing the corporate run government that we have now into the People’s Government join into the Picket Project discussion.  You can start participating in the Picket Project by liking it on the WordPress site.

I am hopeful that the Picket Project will empower a national on-line discussion of how the American people can eliminate cancer. The elimination of cancer is within reach for everyone on Earth. The only obstacles to elimination are indifference, lack of public awareness of scientific knowledge on the subjects of carcinogen exposure and cancer risk imposed by exposure to carcinogens and corporate activities directed at derailing the work of those who seek to inform the public concerning the major role that exposure to carcinogens takes in cancer causation.

There is a tremendous volume of peer-reviewed scientific research literature that describes the major role of exposure to carcinogens in cancer causation. Major avoidable cancer hazards, include: exposures to the exhaust from combustion of fossil fuels, exposures to carcinogenic metals and exposures to persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

POPs are man-made toxic substances that bioaccumulate in the highest concentrations at the top of food chains. POPs are fat-soluble. Thus, these carcinogenic substances are present in all animal fats.

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) published, “Persistent Organic Pollutants: Impact on Child Health”. This public health policy guidance document calls for a worldwide unified effort within the health professions to minimize the exposures that children receive to POPs. Limiting animal fat consumption is the key exposure minimization strategy. Another important strategy is the banning of the feeding of waste animal fats to food animals.

At the date of this entry, no United States government public health entity has provided the American public with a warning of the POPs exposure health hazard. Hopefully, the Picket Project will serve to move the work of cancer elimination rapidly forward. I look forward ever so much to the new day when scientific knowledge will be used to the fullest extent possible to prevent disease regardless of political considerations. We are dreadfully far away from that day at this moment.

The federal government public health entities have the blood of many thousands of Americans on their hands. Warning of the POPs exposure health hazard could have been provided long before the WHO published the landmark report named above. The scientific research literature provided a solid foundation for the conclusion that POPs exposure imposed a significant quantity of risk of serious harm to human health as early as 2000. Cancer Action NY has endeavored to warn the public of the POPs exposure health hazard since January 2000. Initially, we focused on the dioxin and PCB exposure health hazards. In the past several years we have expanded our focus to total POPs exposures, including brominated flame retardants and lipophilic pesticides.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) National Conversation Network has demonstrated significant willingness to facilitate POPs exposure minimization educational outreach to Americans residing in the vicinity of POPs contaminated sites. The National Center for Environmental Health and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry sister agencies of the CDCP are working in collaboration with Cancer Action NY to produce two documents that will be used to educate physicians on the subject of the dioxin exposure health hazard and the PCB exposure health hazard. We have received assurances from CDCP decision-makers that the next step will be to produce spin-off documents on these subjects for use educating the general public.


I am the Green Party candidate in the CD-21 New York Race. I have encountered significant obstacles to my campaign, including: lack of fairness in coverage of campaign events by the news media and limited campaign resources. Nevertheless, a recent poll conducted by gives me 4 percent of the vote. Every day now, I encounter voters who express their support for my candidacy. I am hopeful that my final vote count will be over 10 percent of the votes cast.

During the course of the campaign, I have met another Green Party candidate, William Edstrom. Bill is running for New York State Assembly in a Bronx district. He conceived of the idea of writing a Cancer Elimination Act.

I will post the first draft of the Cancer Elimination Act to the PicketProject blog. I am most hopeful that some of those who choose to participate in the PicketProject will be interested in providing feedback on this important piece of legislation.


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