Balancing Family and Political Commitments

I will be in Saskatchewan beginning in mid-October and will most likely not leave there until late November.  In 2008, my brother David and I transported a large quantity of camping gear into the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan.  My brother
had intended to live in a tent camp there that Winter.  He did not return to the site where we cached the gear.  He wants me to help him go back out there and bring the gear out.  It took a month of canoeing and portaging to get the gear in there and it will take at least that long to get it back out.

I would prefer to conduct my campaign right through Election Day, but my brother has asked me to help him and I have decided to help.  He lives alone in the Alaskan bush most of the time so I feel that it is the right thing for me to do.  By the end of September, I will have presented many new ideas to the voters of the 21st CD and I will have given them a good idea of what I stand for.  I believe that the voters will be well prepared to decide who they will vote for by the time that I leave the CD.  I will be casting my absentee ballot as soon as I get a chance to pick one up.  Thats one vote for changing everything and it may be the first vote cast.

My campaign is about bringing out the Truth and ending corporate control of our national government.  My campaign is about creating a new government that has the integrity it takes to use scientific knowledge to protect public health no matter what the economic consequences.  It is a beautiful new world that I am working to bring to be.  If the voters are thinking for themselves and if they care about the most important things of life they will vote for me and I will win.


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