8/21/12 News Release: Four Wonderful Platform Planks for Green Party Campaign in CD-21

Four Wonderful Platform Planks for Green Party Campaign in CD-21


In America now, powerful people are not held accountable for unethical
actions.  This can be changed.  We need to conduct a national ethics
review, which would entail holding public forum style meetings across
the country to discuss how to create accountability for unethical
behavior among government employees and officials and among corporate
executives.  With this start we will proceed to creating a National
Code of Ethics and Board of Ethics, charged with enforcing the
National Code of Ethics.


Inequality is widespread in American society.  We must break down the
walls that serve to maintain inequality.  Free public education
through graduate school is a must do.  Fair taxation meaning, taxing
the wealthy at a higher rate than the lower income members of society
is another must be done.  Increasing access to the courts by making
legal assistance available to all is a powerful way to break down the
walls of inequality.  Every American should have the ability to defend
his/her civil rights in a court of law.  The Bill of Rights is of much
greater value to Americans if they can pursue litigation when their
rights are violated.

Giving all First Nations people American citizenship is a very
important step in creating a more equal America.  This should have
been done right from the start.  It is a terrible mark of racism to
deny First Nations people citizenship.

All Defensive Military

An act of Congress banning offensive military activities will suffice
to create an all defensive military.  The all defensive military will
employ a much smaller number of people because we do not need a vast
number of people in the military when the sole purpose of the military
is self-defense.  The huge savings from this change in military forces
will produce monies that can be used to provide free public education
and free legal assistance for civil rights litigation.

Financial Sector Regulation and Enforcement

Strict regulatory measures must be enacted that carefully control the
financial sector so as to insure that it functions for the benefit of
the average citizen.  Accountability must be imposed upon those who
wield the power of the banking and insurance sectors of the economy.
Enforcement of the strong regulations that are developed to control
the financial sector will bring an end to cheating on a colossal
scale.  This must be done immediately.

Protection of Farm Animals

An act of Congress must be set in place that bans the exploitation of
livestock.  A key element of this ban will be the banning of factory
farms.  A factory farm is a farm where animals are treated in a way
that greatly diminishes the quality of life that animals had on small,
family operated farms.  Dairy cattle once roamed outdoors much of the
year and were not pushed to produce tremendous quantities of milk.
Exploitation of dairy cattle via the use of bovine growth hormone and
highly concentrated feeds is abuse.  Our government should step in and
provide farm animals some reasonable degree of protection from people
who care nothing for the suffering of animals.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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