8/12/12 News Release: Massena Mayor Hidy Blind to Scientific Knowledge on POPs Health Hazard and Completely Incapable of Caring About the Health of Village Residents

The Courier Observer recently put the face of a political whore on its
front page.  I know that Massena Mayor James HIdy has encountered
scientific knowledge on the subject of the significant and serious
damages to health caused by background levels of exposure to
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) because I made a presentation to
Mayor Hidy and the Village Council just last year on this very
subject.  I came to know that Mayor HIdy was blind to scientific
knowledge when he showed no interest in using the power of his office
to assist with the creation of a POPs exposure minimization
educational outreach within the St. Lawrence County Public Health
Department.  After the Massena Village Council failed to take action
on a Cancer Action NY resolution that would have shown Village
Council support for the educational outreach described above, Mayor
HIdy made the statement that he was “comfortable” with the less than
complete message that was being presented by St. Lawrence County
Public Health on the subject of cancer prevention.

The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department follows the lead of
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Cancer
Prevention and Control, which presents to the public a message that
leaves out any mention of chemical carcinogens other than those in
cigarette smoke.  The message is woefully incomplete because the
chemical corporations control the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention Division of Cancer Prevention and Control.  The chemical
corporations oppose action by the federal government public health
entities to educate the public about the great body of scientific
knowledge that supports the conclusion that exposure to pollutant
carcinogens imposes a major proportion of cancer risk.

The quote attributed to Mayor James Hidy on the front page of the
Courier Observer is totally ridiculous.  He is quoted as having made a
statement that would lead the reader to conclude that a person would
have to consume a very large quantity of fish to receive an exposure
to PCBs that resulted in harm to health.  The New York State
Department of Health (DOH) publishes an advisory on sport fish
consumption.  This document advises that girls and women of
child-bearing age consume no sport fish from the waters of the St.
Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.  The fish in the Grass River
Superfund site and the
part of the St.  Lawrence River bordering St. Lawrence County
downstream from the mouth of the Grass are contaminated with PCBs at a
higher level than what is average for the fish of the St. Lawrence
River and Lake Ontario.  Additionally, the fish of the Grass and the
downstream section of the St. Lawrence bordering St. Lawrence County
are contaminated with average levels of dioxins and other POPs.
Considering the DOH advisory for consumption of fish contaminated at
this average level, it is clear that consumption of fish caught from
the Grass River in the section impacted by ALCOA PCB discharges would
impose an unacceptable quantity of disease risk.

Why would Mayor HIdy make a statement designed to deceive the public?
He did it because ALCOA encourages him to attempt to deceive the public in order
to promote its agenda of low cost clean-up of the Grass River
Superfund site.  Mayor Hidy is a local government player on the
corporate team.  He is guilty of participating in the deceptions that
bad corporations and failed federal government are perpetrating
regarding the causes of cancer.  Mayor Hidy is blind to scientific
knowledge about chemical exposures causing cancer because he wants to
feel comfortable assisting ALCOA in its bad behaviors.

If there is any justice in the United States, Mayor HIdy and his team
will soon be removed from power.  The people need to think about what
is going on here.  They need to integrate their immediate conclusions
with what they know of the past and stand up and say, “Enough Already.
We have had it with all this lying and cheating.  Step down from your
places of power.  If you do not step down, we will take your power
away from you.”  The question is whether or not a large number of
people are sufficiently capable of thinking and courageous enough to
stand up to the evil ones.  It will be wonderful if there are enough
thinking, courageous people around the North Country to do this.  If
there are not, the environment of our area will continue to become
ever more polluted and disease rates will continue to rise.  I say,
“Let’s do it.”

I plan to attend the next meeting of the Massena Village Council and
give a five minute public forum presentation concerning the deceptive
words of the Mayor.  I encourage all of the people of the North Country
who care about the environment and health of our region to come to
this meeting and speak out for change.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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