8/9/10 News Release: Let’s Join Forces to Protect the Wolves of Wyoming

The US Fish and Wildlife Service may soon remove wolves from the
Threatened Species List in Wyoming.  When wolves were removed from
this list in Idaho, a large number of wolves were killed.  The
protections of the Endangered Species Act were also taken away from
wolves in Montana.

Wolves are a wonderful part of America.  Killing wolves is a brutal
and unconscionable act.  The only reason people want to reduce wolf
numbers in these times of much diminished Nature is greed.  The greed
of livestock producers and big game outfitters motivates them to see
the wolves only as a negative factor in their money making businesses.

If I am elected to Congress, I will strengthen the protections that
wolves receive so as to insure that they are able to establish a
strong presence in the United States.  The recovery of endangered
species is a deeply beautiful thing.  Humans have harmed the Earth
beyond measure.  It is time now for all of us to start making amends
for the abuse that our Mother has endured.

Defenders of Wildlife is calling upon the Americans who care to write
to President Obama in support of continued Endangered Species Act
protections for wolves. (see message below)  I will write to President
Obama to advocate for protection of our wolves.  I encourage you the
American people to write to the President also.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution!


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