8/8/12 Letter to Judith Enck, Regional Administrator US EPA Requesting the Participation of Federal Government Scientists in Discussion of Industrial Contaminant Exposure Health Hazard


Judith Enck, Regional Administrator
US Environmental Protection Agency
Region 2 HQ
New York, New York USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Regional Administrator Enck,

I request that the US Environmental Protection Agency come to
Akwesasne for the purpose of participating in an open public meeting
that makes possible an on the record dialogue on the subject of the
scientific knowledge that is relevant to making a decision about the
disease risk imposed by the contaminated GM Powertrain Superfund site.
This disease risk must be considered with attention to the total
contamination that exists in the region to the West of Akwesasne.  The
participation of Dr. Marian Olsen and Ms. Anne Kelly is requested.

The people of Raquette Point and the rest of Akwesasne have suffered
much sickness and death as a result of the damages to health that are
imposed by the exposures that have occurred and continue to occur due
to the presence of toxic chemicals on the GM Powertrain Superfund
Site, in the Grass River and in the St. Lawrence River.  Past
exposures occurred due to the presence of toxic chemicals on land
occupied by the ALCOA West facility.  These exposures involved
evaporation of PCBs from the contaminated soils of that facility.
Evaporated PCBs entered the outdoor atmosphere and moved with the wind
to the Akwesasne Reserve.

Much scientific knowledge has accumulated on the connections between
toxic chemical exposure and damage to health.  It is now very clear
that toxic chemical exposures have caused serious harm to public
health at Akwesasne.  In order to minimize the total quantity of harm
to public health that will result from the presence of industrial
contamination on the lands, in the water and in the air in the region
West of Akwesasne it is necessary for the people of Akwesasne to learn
the full and comprehensive facts of persistent organic pollutants
(POPs) contamination of the environment and food supply.  Warning the
people of Akwesasne of the POPs exposure health hazard constituted by
mainstream food supply contamination is an essential part of any
program designed to minimize the harm described above.

Thank you for your careful consideration of this request.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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