8/10/12 Media Advisory: One Year Anniversary Speeches in Solidarity on Removal of Toxic Mound from Lands of Onkwehonwe

Media Advisory
8/8/12 For Immediate Release

Environmental Genocide and I Heal Earth
Larry Thompson, Onkwehonwe and Founder of Environmental Genocide and I
Heal Earth

Cancer Action NY
Lewis M. Shepard, Founding Member

Love the Earth Protect the Earth Change Everything Campaign
Donald L. Hassig, Green Party Candidate 21st CD Race

One Year Anniversary Solidarity Speeches on Removal of Toxic Mound
from Lands of Onkwehonwe (Participants will speak in the order listed

Friday, August 10, 2012, 12:00 PM

Embankment on North Side of State Route 37 at Point Closest to Border
Crossing Installation (West End of Embankment)

On August 11th, 2011, Larry Thompson, a primal resident of Akwesasne
took action to focus public attention on the continuing presence of
PCBs on the GM Powertrain Superfund Site located adjacent to and West
of the Akwesasne reservation.  PCBs and
other industrial wastes disposed of in an illegal industrial landfill
during the 1960s contaminate an approximately 12 acre portion of the
site.  US EPA decided that capping was a satisfactory remedial action
for this toxic waste dump.  The cap consists of a layer of synthetic
material and approximately 18 inches of mineral material.  The primal
people of Akwesasne are opposed to the decision to leave the wastes of
the industrial landfill on the site.  It is their position that the
land is Onkwehonwe land and the hazardous waste must be removed.

A year has passed since Larry Thompson drove his backhoe onto the GM
Superfund Site and began excavating the industrial landfill.  The
Toxic Mound is still there.  The US government remains unmoved in its
decision to leave the Toxic Mound in place.  The EPA scientists are
refusing to talk about the scientific knowledge that applies to making
decisions about the health risk imposed by exposure to chemicals
present in the Toxic Mound.

The one year anniversary of Onkwehonwe action to motivate removal of
the Toxic Mound is a time for celebration of the Love of the Land and
Love of Good Health that gives people the strength to persevere in
bringing an end to the bad practices of corporations and the
governments that have chosen to ally themselves with corporations.
The Toxic Mound must be removed.  All of the good people of this
region need to come together in a show of solidarity on removal.

This controversy presents a wonderful opportunity for the people of
St. Lawrence County and the Akwesasne reservation to grow in awareness
of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization.  Focus
on GM PCBs will facilitate the growth of public awareness concerning
total POPs exposure, which includes:  (1) respiratory exposure to PCBs
that evaporate from contaminated sites, (2) oral exposure to POPs
resultant from drinking St. Lawrence River water and (3) oral exposure
that takes place via consumption of animal fats, all of which are
contaminated with a large number of POPs.  Those who understand total
POPs exposure are empowered to minimize their exposure by restricting
consumption of all animal fats and choosing to drink bottled water.
Removal of the hazardous wastes that contaminate the GM Powertrain
Super Fund Site is the only way to minimize respiratory POPs exposure.

“I am calling upon the US Environmental Protection Agency to come to
Akwesasne for the purpose of participating in an open public meeting
that would make possible an on the record dialogue on the scientific
knowledge that is relevant to making a decision about the disease risk
imposed by the PCB contaminated site.  If EPA can be forced to
participate in such a meeting, we will finally corner the federal
government on the matter of failed government regulation of polluters,
which has led to the contamination of the food supply with health
damaging levels of POPs.  Additionally, we will hold EPA accountable
for failure to warn the public of the POPs exposure health hazard
constituted by contamination of all animal fats.  Once these matters
have become well known among regional residents, a groundswell of
support for removal of the GM hazardous waste will insure that the
site is fully cleaned up.”-Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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