8/7/12 News Release: Green Party Candidate Hassig on Guns and Revolution

Love the Earth Protect the Earth Change Everything Campaign
Donald L. Hassig, Green Party Candidate CD 21 Race

My father was a US Navy veteran of World War II.  He was a deer
hunter.  He loved to hunt and carry a gun.  We buried him in his Navy
uniform, on our home farm with his .22 rifle across his chest.

I grew up loving the same things.  As I began to think more for
myself, I decided to stop hunting because of my deep love for animals.

I do not love guns.  I believe in them.  I believe in them because
they make it possible for the masses of people to maintain some
reasonable quantity of control over government.

The people need to possess firearms as a deterrent to bad, very bad
government. There is no credible threat of revolution when the masses
are unarmed.

However, I believe that the members of the public who are armed should
always follow the path of non-violent civil disobedience when
attempting to reform or replace government. The only time that a good
person should resort to the use of violence, in this case the use of a
gun, is to stop another person or persons from inflicting serious
physical harm upon her or him.

In the case of revolution, which is what is needed in our country
right now, the good, strong people should get together in the streets
and demand that the government step down so that it can be replaced.
This revolution should proceed without any use of guns for so long as
the government and its corporate controlling forces chose not to
inflict serious physical harm upon the good revolutionaries. If the
time comes when the corporate/government people threaten to inflict
serious physical harm upon the good revolutionaries, then the good
revolutionaries should protect themselves with the use of their guns.

I want to bring a full fledged revolution in our country.  This is the
only way that the good people will come into possession of the power
that it takes to protect the Earth and use scientific knowledge to
protect public health.  This is the only way for the good people to
take over control of government and start bringing the good changes
that are so desperately needed.  Without revolution we will continue
to suffer under the controlling influences of corporations.  The good
people should be leading our nation not bad corporations.  I do not
believe that the bad people who hold power will give that power up.
We have to take the power away from them.  When we start taking the
power away from them, they need to know that we are not interested in
being martyrs.  The bad corporate people need to know that we want to
live to enjoy the days after they have been removed from power.  So
long as the American people have their guns, the bad corporate people
will know all of this.

Viva the Revolution!

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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