8/5/12 News Release: Reducing High Breast Cancer Incidence in the USA, First We Must Bring Out the Truth

The Green Party is the Party of the Truth.  We Will Bring Out the Truth on Failed Government Public Health Protection.  We  Will Change Our Government Forever.  We Will Motivate Government to Throw Off Corporate Control and Do Its Job.  We Will Force Government to Warn the Public of Avoidable Chemical Exposure Health Hazards.

American women suffer some of the highest rates of breast cancer
reported anywhere on Earth.  Scientific knowledge provides us with the
basis for bringing changes designed to reduce this incidence.  Most
needed of all changes is the provision of cancer prevention education
that presents a comprehensive cancer causation message.  Breast cancer
is caused by lifelong exposure to chemicals and agents that have the
ability to initiate lesions in DNA present in the cells of the breast.
Breast cancer is also caused by gestational exposure to chemicals
that have the effect of changing the packaging of chromosomes so as to
predispose the offspring to increased breast cancer susceptibility.
Initiated breast cancer cell lines are caused to grow faster in the
presence of estrogen and chemical substances which act as

Dioxin and PCB exposures have been associated with increased breast
cancer risk.  Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and chromium
exposures have been associated with increased breast cancer risk.
Ionizing radiation exposures have been associated with increased
breast cancer risk.  The significant cancer risk associated with
mammography has motivated certain governmental public health entities
to warn against the use of this screening method.

American women are a high priority group for educational outreach on
the subject of breast carcinogen exposure minimization.  This
educational outreach could be provided at low cost via the use of
web-based messages listing breast carcinogens and providing
recommendations for minimizing exposures.

“The governmental public health entities have failed to provide women
with the educational outreach described above due to the powerful
influences of corporate interests in the chemicals, energy and
manufacturing sectors of the economy.  A vitally necessary part of
motivating government action to provide breast carcinogen exposure
minimization education is bringing out the truth about corporate
influence and failed governmental public health protection.  I will
continue my endeavors to bring out this truth.  On Friday, August
17th, I will be participating in a Green Team 2012 news conference in
New York City to call for the creation of a National Truth Commission.
The National Truth Commission is the idea of Joseph Diaferia, who is
the Green Party candidate in NY CD16 (Bronx/Westchester).  The Green
Party is the party of the Truth.”-Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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