7/30/12 Media Advisory: Freedom to Educate Children on Subjects of Food Supply Contamination and Disease Risk in USA

Educational Outreach to Children on Subject of Food Supply
Contamination and Disease Risk

Monday, July 30, 2012, 12:00 PM

Parishville Town Park, Parishville, New York USA

Cancer Action NY has moved ever so slowly forward with the work of
providing the people of St. Lawrence County with a warning of the
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard.  This
work has included:  (1) advocacy for the creation of an educational
outreach program within the St. Lawrence County Public Health
Department on the subject of POPs exposure minimization and (2)
educational outreach to the general public on the subjects of POPs
exposure disease risk and strategies to minimize exposure.

The Town of Parishville has not responded positively to the advocacy
and educational endeavors of Cancer Action NY.  Supervisor Jerry Moore
takes the position that educational outreach on the subject of the
POPs exposure health hazard will not be permitted at the Parishville
Town Park.  This is a position that he will ultimately have to retreat
from.  THe Parishville Town Park is a public venue.  The Constitution
of the United States trumps every law and regulation in this country.
Freedom of expression is guaranteed in the First Amendments to our
Constitution.  This means that Cancer Action NY is free to conduct
educational outreach to children in the Parishville Town Park.

American children are being kept in the dark on the subject of
chemical exposure disease risk.  This is very wrong.  It is being done
because the adults who hold power do not want the children to know
that they are responsible for the contamination of the entire world
and all of the living beings of the world with many man made
chemicals.  The adults who run corporations and the adults who run
government do not want the children to know that this contamination is
of sufficient magnitude to be causing epidemics of chronic disease
including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  By attempting to hide
this from children, the corporate/government people are robbing
children of the health protective benefit of scientific knowledge on
the subject of chemical exposure disease risk.  Robbing children of
this benefit is causing children to be exposed to disease causing
chemicals that they could readily avoid exposure to.  These
unnecessary exposures are causing children to become sick and die.
This is very, very wrong.

The adults in corporations and government must stop creating obstacles
to the use of scientific knowledge for the protection of children’s
health.  Cancer Action NY will continue to provide children with a
warning of the POPs exposure health hazard and we will be victorious.

Viva the total, global, spiritual, environmental revolution!

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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