7/27/12 Media Advisory: Green Congressional Candidate Hassig on Government Failure to Warn Public of Avoidable Chemical Exposure Health Hazards

A News Conference on the Subject of Government Failure to Warn the
Public of Avoidable Chemical Exposure Health Hazards

Friday, July 27, 2012, 9:00 AM

Lake Flower Park, Saranac Lake, NY USA

The governmental public health entities of the United States have
failed to provide Americans with warnings of numerous significant
chemical exposure health hazards, including:  mercury amalgam dental
fillings, persistent organic pollutants (POPs) contamination of the
food supply and concentrated exhaust clouds.  This has occurred due to
the influence of corporations upon the federal and state levels of
government.  Corporations, with monetary interests in the matters
impacted by these chemicals place tremendous amounts of pressure on
elected officials and high ranking government administrators to remain
silent or mislead the public concerning the damages to health
associated with exposure to chemicals.

Failure to provide warning of avoidable health hazards is one of the
most egregious of governmental inactions.   Many Americans have become
sick and died as a result of these failures.  Monsanto Corporation,
Dow Chemical Company and General Electric Corporation are some of the
worst companies when it comes to pressuring government to ignore
scientific knowledge on chemical exposure disease risks and remain
silent at a time when warning the public is a clear public health
protection responsibility.

The best way to bring an end to corporate control of governmental
public health entities is to cut the ties between corporations and
government.  Prohibiting corporate contributions to political
campaigns is a high priority strategy for establishing a buffer zone
between corporations and our government.  Additionally, corporate
employees should not be allowed to take positions in government.

“Public health education that provides warnings of avoidable chemical
exposure health hazards must become a well established part of
government.  As a member of Congress, I would sponsor legislation for
the creation of an Environmental Health Education Corps.  This would
create hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the United States.  It
would bring about reductions in the incidence of cancer, type 2
diabetes, heart disease, auto immune diseases, reproductive problems
and learning deficit disorders, all of which are known to be
associated with exposure to chemicals.  I would confront the
corporations on their wrongful influence peddling and I would not back
down.”-Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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