7/21/12 Media Advisory: Green Party Congressional Candidate Hassig Speaks Out for Farm Animal Protection at Clinton County Fair

Media Advisory
7/16/12 For Immediate Release

Love the Earth Protect the Earth Change Everything Campaign
Donald L. Hassig, Green Party Candidate 21st CD Race

Green Party Congressional Candidate Hassig Speaks Out for Protection
of Farm Animals at Clinton County Fair

Saturday, July 21, 2012, 1:00 PM

Main Entrance to Dairy Cattle Barn, Clinton County Fairgrounds,
Plattsburgh, NY USA

Dairy cattle were once treated with kindness and love.  As recently as
the 1960s, small family farms in the United States were producing milk
with herd sizes of less than 50 head.  As a child I visited one such
farm that was run by my Great Uncle, Winfred Burkhead.  Uncle Sandy
and Aunt Lizzie farmed approximately 50 acres in northeastern Ohio.
We all felt love toward the good cows that made milk and cream for us.

Things are very different now.  There is a factory dairy farm across
the road from my home farm in St. Lawrence County, New York.  That
farm is an abomination.  The cattle are confined on concrete floors.
They live their brief lives in the stench of cow urine and dairy barn
sewage.  Their tails are docked.  They are injected with Bovine Growth
Hormone.  The only thing they know about people is that the two-legged
ones have stolen all of what was good about being alive.

“As the Green Party congressional candidate in New York State’s
largest dairy production area, I am calling for a ban on factory
farming.  Our society must find the courage and strength of character
to stand up and bring an end to the abuse of cattle, pigs and poultry.
It is wrong for people to exploit animals on factory farms.  The good
people should stop the bad people from doing this.”-Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


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