Green Party Candidate Hassig Conducts POPs Exposure Minimization Educational Outreach in Village of Massena

Green Party Candidate Hassig Conducts Educational Outreach on POPs Exposure Minimization in Village of Massena Friday, July 6, 2012, 3:30 PM Massena Town Hall, Main Street, Massena, NY USA Candidate Hassig will speak out on the subject of governmental failure to provide the public with a warning of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure disease hazard. Corporate control of the federal government has rendered the federal government public health entities incapable of warning the public of the avoidable POPs exposure disease hazard. The residents of the Village of Massena have received excess exposure to POPs as a result of inhalation of PCBs that entered the outdoor atmosphere via evaporation from disposal sites on the ALCOA West facility’s property. Many of the residents of the Village of Massena are past or current employees of ALCOA or the former Reynolds Metals facility or the GM Powertrain facility. These employees were likely to have received occupational exposures to PCBs. POPs exposure is one of the most significant disease hazards of modern times. POPs exposure imposes increased risk of developing diseases and disorders, including: cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cognitive deficits, behavioral disorders and reproductive deficits. Candidate Hassig is the founder and Director of Cancer Action NY. In that capacity he has advocated for POPs exposure minimization education for Village of Massena residents over the course of many years. Mr. Hassig has sought to develop a relationship with ALCOA so as to facilitate POPs exposure minimization educational outreach to its employees by the company’s industrial hygienist. ALCOA has refused to discuss POPs exposure minimization education for its employees. Efforts to obtain cooperation of the Village of Massena Board and the Town of Massena Board have met with mixed results. The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department and the St. Lawrence County Legislature have demonstrated substantial opposition to POPs exposure minimization education. All of this resistance to the use of scientific knowledge for the protection of public health can be attributed to the controlling influences of factory dairy farms and ALCOA in St. Lawrence County. Mr. Hassig will continue his work to educate on POPs exposure minimization in the Village and Town of Massena with a visit to the offices of the Steelworkers of America Union Local 450 to deliver POPs exposure minimization educational pamphlets. Later this Summer, Candidate Hassig will attend the Solidarity Day event on Labor Day in Massena Springs. — Donald L. Hassig, Director Cancer Action NY Cancer Action News Network P O Box 340 Colton, NY USA 13625 315.262.2456


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