Great American Revolutionary Energy in Saranac Lake, New York Today on this 4th of July 2012

I attended the July 4th celebrations in Saranac Lake earlier today.  A considerable number of people stopped and shared their thoughts on the subject of chemical exposures cancer risk resulting from corporate pressures that limit governmental action.  There was more positive energy reaching for change in the crowd there in Lake Flower Park than in any group of people I have yet encountered.  People want to take back control of their government from the corporations.  People want good health.  They want the unpolluted environment that is necessary to have that good health.

There was a very exciting rock band performing during several hours of the Saranac Lake celebration.  The group is PLACID.  They are very talented guys from nearby Lake Placid.  I spoke with the lead guitar player briefly about being a pep band for my campaign.  He seemed to like the idea.  I like the idea because this band is high powered and I want my campaign to be so high powered that it brings a flood of good change.

Rock concerts are on my campaign tour list, so are county fairs and celebrations of our national holidays.  I will be at the Clinton County Fair on Friday, July 20th.  I will be at the Solidarity Day  event in Massena Springs for the Labor Day celebration.


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